Fan Fests

What are Fan Fests?

Fan Fests are official venues hosted by FIFA to watch the games on large tv’s with link-minded fans who also cannot attend the actual game.  Fan Fests are a polarizing topic as the experience depends on many factors including your game-watching preference, location, temperature, patience, goal of attending, etc.

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Fan Fest in Moscow, Russia for 2018 World Cup Credit: FIFA (

Make sure you know beforehand where your city’s Fan Fest is located.  The number of times I’ve seen people get visibly upset because they underestimated the travel is too many to count. Depending on the location and match, TENS OF THOUSANDS of people will show up to watch.  You may have more people at the Fan Fest than the game itself in some situations!

What does this mean?  Think about food/drink/bathroom, etc.  The best way to compare it is like attending a music festival but the organization is done by people who probably don’t do this very often.


You better believe there’s security at the Fan Fests!  Look at FIFA’s site beforehand on permitted and prohibited items so you don’t get caught with the awkward decision of “should I risk my gift or risk missing a goal”.  Because of the size, there will almost definitely be a line to enter as well.

Credit: FIFA ([/caption]


This all depends on the game being played and where it is.  For example, if the game being played is Country A vs. Country B – expect to see many people from A and B at the Fan Fest!  That said, expect many residents of the host nation to also be in attendance.  If Brazil is playing, you can bet there will be Brazilians somewhere in the crowd!

It is definitely the easiest way to experience a variety of cultures, songs, chants, etc in the shortest amount of time.  It is also an easy place to meet game-oriented fans from across the world that you can befriend or talk to over a beverage.

Because of setting, standing is expected for the vast majority of the crowd. If that isn’t your thing, then you probably shouldn’t go.

Food & Drink

Because it is a FIFA venue, the food and drinks will match the stadiums: fast food style dishes (e.g. hot dogs, hamburgers) and Coke + Budweiser for drinking.  You can also only pay with cash or VISA.

*Free* Advice (You’re Welcome)

You should eat/drink beforehand or at least try not to wait last minute if you’re hungry/thirsty.  I have waited in lines for an hour to then leave the Fan Fest altogether because I still wasn’t close to ordering.  The logistics are never very efficient.  It isn’t the case 100% of the time but every tournament is similar.

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