Proposed Allocation of 48 Team at 2026 World Cup

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On May 9th, the proposal of how to allocate 48 teams for the 2026 World Cup, the first with 48 teams, will be submitted.  FIFA has a very thorough article on this manner and recommend going there but here is the breakdown:

  • Africa = 9 spots (up from 5 currently)
  • Asia = 8 (up from 4.5 currently)
  • CONCACF = 6 (up from 3.5 currently)
  • South America = 6 (up from 4.5 currently)
  • Oceania = 1 (up from .5 currently)
  • Europe = 16 (up from 14 currently)

PLUS – a playoff for 2 additional teams.  This playoff consists of SIX teams where the top 2 teams are seeded.  The other 4 are pitted against one another with the winner advancing to play a seeded team.  The winners from the 2 seeded games progresses to the World Cup.

It seems weird that CONCACAF and South America would send the same number of teams and 8 teams from Asia seems like a lot.  Regardless of allocation, the talent pool will be diluted some.  I am personally not a fan of 48 but including extra nations in the World Cup will overall be a fun celebration. The thought of seeing people from countries like Wales, Haiti, Peru, Syria cheering on their team on the world’s biggest stage for the first time can only add excitement to an atmosphere; plus, the Irish and Scottish chances of participating are greatly increased and are you ever really having a party without one of those countries?

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