USA + Canada + Mexico to Host 2026 World Cup?


That’s right, the official bid to co-host the tournament has been submitted from the 3 North American nations for the 2026 edition.  The reaction is split.  Residents from each country are either greedy and want the entire tournament to themselves or they’re happy to receive something.  There are 2 things to note from this bid:

  1. The allocation of games is USA = 60, Canada = 10, Mexico = 10. Starting with the Quarterfinals, all games would be in USA.
  2. The bid committee requested that FIFA review this proposal in their next meeting in May to possibly make a decision NOW on this allocation.

This sounds shocking but consider that according to current FIFA rules, Europe and Asia cannot host 2026 due to their responsibilities in the 2018 and 2022 tournaments.  The wildcard fact here is that Australia is part of the Asian Confederation as many people tout them as main competitors but nope, not possible. South America hosted in 2014, so who else would there be?  Africa.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the tournament couldn’t be successful in Africa but considering 2026 is the first time 48 teams will compete, the infrastructure already exists and with so many new stadium innovations occurring in the USA alone in recent years, it seems like an easy decision.  However, the proposal to award a 2026 host now as opposed to the current schedule of 2020 will not be good press for FIFA after their despicable scandal in the last round of voting that has caused many to lose faith in the organization.

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