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There are many good resources out there in the world that exists in 1 or 2 webpages on various sites.  The problem is these sites don't go into much depth about anything else other than what benefits them immediately.  To help uncover a few of these helpful sites, below is a list that is categorized.  

Official Site


  • Stadium Guide in general is a great site for insight into any stadium; World Cups included
  • (yes, you read that correctly) put together a short, helpful article that lists each hotel, the distance from the center of the host city and capacity
  • Al-Jazeera offers its input on the stadiums, but it isn't very thorough.  However, it does contain a few videos which is unique and why it is on this list.

Host City Travel

  • How easy is it to get around Qatar? Does Uber exist? Buses?  
  • St Christopher's Inn – A Backpacker Hostel has some experience with traveling throughout Qatar and contributed to the cause with this “Guide To Qatar if You're Attending the World Cup 2022”.  It composed its article in the following topics:
    • Know before you travel
    • Weather
    • Local Currency
    • Visas and Getting There
    • Things to do in the Host City (unfortunately, this isn't the best resource for this category)
    • Food to try
  • A quick guide from Roadtrips on some basic questions listed below:
    • What does 2022 accommodation look like? 
    • What's the deal with luxury hotels?
    • Top 3 things to do in Doha
    • Is alcohol available?

Travel Companies

  • Roadtrips is a company that will surely do its fare share of itinerary planning; and it isn't cheap!
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Generic News

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