What is a FAN ID & what does it do?

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What is a FAN ID?

A Fan ID is a document that you must obtain through FIFA.  It provides the ability to:

  • Enter matches in combination with a game ticket
  • Travel for free on local transport on game days
  • Entrance to the host country

How do I obtain one?

In order to obtain a FAN ID, you need to have successfully been allocated tickets on FIFA’s official website.  You can follow the guidelines on the application here.

Do I need this AND a ticket to get into the game?

YES.  During entry to the stadium’s grounds, you will first scan your FAN ID and then scan your ticket.

Does the Fan ID count as my visa to get into the host country?

YES.  If you have a FAN ID, you can enter the country.  You will of course still need a passport from your home country as well.  It will be smart to also have your tickets or proof of your tickets with you as well for passport control.  

Note: The Fan ID debuted in 2018 and returned in 2022 (notably called the Hay’ya Card). Both the Russia & Qatar government allowed anyone with a valid FAN ID to enter the country through the end of the tournament without a standard visa document.

Why does a FAN ID exist?

One major reason is to crack down on the black market for ticket sales. By requiring the document and making it so you can only obtain it from the approved FIFA site, it makes it much harder for people to take advantage of others in reselling tickets.  It doesn’t make it impossible though so always be on your guard when buying from someone other than FIFA!

Another big reason is to control people entering and leaving the country. The host country receives a surge in tourism (obviously) for the World Cup and this document helps control some of this migration back and forth.

Do I need 1 FAN ID for each ticket or 1 FAN ID overall?

All you need is A FAN ID per person.  So if you bought 4 game tickets, you will need 1 FAN ID to get into all 4 games.  If you and a friend are going to the games together, both will need a FAN ID.

Unofficially – can I use ANY FAN ID to enter a game?

Do so at your own risk but I highly doubt each FAN ID will be scrutinized for the picture and name on the front.  What will be checked is if the FAN ID is a valid document.  So if you are buying a ticket, make sure you are also getting a FAN ID.  What happens if your FAN ID or tickets are fake?  I have no idea and I also don’t want to find out firsthand.

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