Our Story

Who We Are

We’ve personally attended every World Cup since 2006 and have met fans from all over the world with similar stories and streaks – some even going as far back as 1982! It’s an amazing community of people from various cultures and countries, uniting over the beautiful game. Obviously, we’re obsessed and follow a multitude of leagues in addition to the international game.

Why We Created This

Every 4 year cycle, friends, acquaintances, strangers reach out with many of the same basic questions: What do I need to do right now to attend the next World Cup? How and when do I buy a ticket? How much money do I need? The barrage of questions was the catalyst to create the website which has significantly grown in viewership since its creation.

The Vision

Ideally, fans no longer have to visit a multitude of sites to dig for the article they read months ago about Fan ID regulations, the article on special bus service to a stadium, etc. Anyone that’s tried to find that extra bit of detail knows the research and aggregation of information can be a bit overwhelming.

Since the site’s initial launch in the late 2010s, we have set out to create a repository of World Cup travel related material via searchable tags, categories and content. The idea doesn’t stop at an online, referenceable library as we have ambitions to be the glue among all the various communities that are out there in the world.

It truly blows our minds that we receive hundreds of thousands of fans from over 190 countries and we love every second of it.

When it Started

The obsession began with the 1994 World Cup hosted in USA. It captivated our young, impressionable minds and imaginations. Watching any game possible on tv, we manually kept track of every match score on an expandable schedule that came in a magazine. We shouted in glee at Letchkov’s diving header for Bulgaria vs. Germany, covered our faces in horror at Escobar’s own goal and rocked the cradle with Bebeto. We didn’t want the tournament to end. The completed schedule bracket from the magazine hung on our childhood bedroom wall for a few years. (You better believe we still embrace a wall-sized, printed schedule each tournament! 🙂)

The 1994 tournament infected us beyond repair. We knew that one day, we’d experience the month-long, global sporting event in person..but we had no idea it’d lead us here, to this site and all of our experiences and friends.

The First, Germany 2006

All credit for attending our first tournament goes to a friend, mentor and former teacher who taught us that we can accomplish seemingly impossible dreams with proper planning and execution. Ultimately, the initial plans for 2006 (Germany 🇩🇪) centered around saving money (5 years worth of saving) and refusing to sacrifice the timing of the tournament for any other plan.

Outside of ensuring we could arrive in Germany, we had no idea how tickets worked, had never heard of a Fan Fest and essentially winged it. We slept on the floors of friends and acquaintances, sacrificed sleep for experiences and created lifelong memories that give us chills to to this day.

Ignorance can sometimes lead to boldness and it worked in our favor most of the time, but still, we knew it could be better. We knew that with more planning to understand ticket operations, how to anticipate where to be and when, we could really enhance our time and do better for 2010 (South Africa 🇿🇦). The education of World Cup nuances began almost immediately.

Fast forward and we have 4 more tournaments of experience 2010, 2014, 2018 and most recently, 2022 and we’ve improved each tournament with knowing what doors to look behind for more detailed info, how to structure our learning and what other fans want to know.

Let’s Collaborate

Whether you are interested in a collaboration, looking to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, have a general question or disagree with a jersey ranking, we look forward to hearing from you.

Our passion for connecting with people of various cultures over the ‘beautiful game’ is unwavering.

Follow / Contact Us

We sincerely love helping others realize their dreams of attending a World Cup and read every single message and question (email, twitter, instagram, tiktok, etc) from around the world.

Please let us know your thoughts as you browse the site on how we can further assist you and also, what we’re doing well.

See you at the next!

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