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Simply stated, I am obsessed with the FIFA World Cup. The obsession began with the 1994 World Cup hosted in USA. It captivated my pre-teen mind and imagination. I watched every game possible and manually kept track of every score on an expandable schedule that came in a Eurosport, TSI or similar magazine (shout out to those who know what I’m talking about).  

That obsession has never dissipated. It wasn’t possible to attend a game in 1994 but the world’s celebration of the beautiful game was etched permanently in my mind.

I only wanted one thing out of life – to travel the world and watch the biggest sporting event in the world. I made a seemingly impossible wish:  

One day I will witness & experience this month-long, soccer love-fest in person

Fast forward to 2001. A friend opened my young, sheltered mind and changed my life by challenging me to dream big, formulate a plan and then stubbornly execute on that plan. Voila, attending a World Cup (specifically, the 2006 edition in Germany) didn’t have to be impossible.

An idea that was once preposterous came to fruition and we attended the 2006 tournament together.  Mind, BLOWN. The world, traveling, live sporting events and life have never been the same again.

I had an epiphany and my previous wish was now my new purpose in life. I knew right then and there that I would attend every future edition of the Men’s FIFA World Cup. Lifelong friends and memories have been made in 2006, 2010, 2014, and 2018.

Admittedly, the 4 year journey to attend a tournament is just as much about reminding myself that I’m in control of my life and how a properly constructed and executed plan to achieve a goal is the secret sauce to steering my ship in the direction I want it to go in as it is about the human connection & experience around the world’s greatest sporting event. I always come back motivated and full of confidence that has positive effects on my personal, family and work life.

Every 4 years, friends, acquaintances & friends of friends come to me and ask “What do I need to do right now to attend the World Cup? How do I buy a ticket? How much money do I need?”. This was the catalyst to create the website, which I operate as a hobby with the help of a few other fans.

I may not be an expert in everything (or anything) but I do have a passion for connecting with people, the ‘beautiful game’ and witnessing how soccer unifies cultures. My goal is that this site helps ONE person out there in the soccer-verse.

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