World Cup Travel Packages and Official Hospitality Packages

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Beyond getting tickets to matches, you’ll need accommodation for the World Cup. With many hotels entering deals with FIFA, corporations, etc, it could not only get pricey but also difficult. Fortunately, there are package providers that can assist fans with attending matches while providing the comfort of accommodations.

The list below only includes people we’ve personally met and witnessed their capabilities + the FIFA vendor.

What Are the Alternative World Cup Package Providers

Two of the best sports travel package providers that can assist with World Cups are Next Generation International and Roadtrips.


If you are someone that has a large budget and wants a white-glove experience like never seen before for a World Cup (or honestly, any major sporting event, including the Olympics), Roadtrips is your go to.

They are the world-renown experts who have the necessary relationships and status to curate packages for numerous World Cups, Olympics, Super Bowls, etc.

For a World Cup, you typically see luxury package options broken out by the following Categories.

  • Any City, Any Match Day
  • Follow A Specific Team
  • Knockout Rounds
  • Semifinals
  • Finals (can be combined with semi’s as well)

Roadtrips World Cup 2026 Travel Packages

They currently have published their 2026 World Cup packages. Again, if you have a large budget, it is definitely an option.

How to Book A World Cup Package With Roadtrips

We can actually put you directly in touch with a senior member of their team.

Email us directly and we’ll happily provide an introduction.

Roadtrips is providing a $250 credit on drinks/food to our readers so mention us or send a message to us for an introduction.

Next Generation International

Powered by inspiresport, this team can provide hotel / ticket / service packages that also can include coaching education, team travel and potentially individual fan travel.

This type has unprecedented access and relationships with teams and federations across the world. Outside of World Cups, Next Generation International is organizing intimate packages with Real Madrid, providing ticket access through its sister companies to Premier League matches and more.

Next Generation International World Cup 2026 Packages

The 2026 World Cup packages have yet to be announced but you can view their 2022 itinerary here for an idea on the type of experience.

This is the perfect type of package for coaches or teams, especially those looking to get more than just tickets and lodging.

Official Hospitality Packages & Tickets

You purchase packages through the above 3rd party options, but FIFA also announces an official partner.

The official partner will provide FIFA stamped approval hotels (read into that what you will) as well as direct access to the Hospitality Tickets. These tickets come at a premium and will have various levels of benefits.

In the past, FIFA’s official hospitality partner has has been MATCH Hospitality. You can sign up for more info on 2026 hospitality here as we wait to see who gets the service.

We posted some old content from MATCH during Qatar 2022 to illustrate ideas.

Qatar 2022 Hospitality Examples

Costs: the cheapest tickets for Qatar 2022 started at $950.

The benefit of the hospitality tickets is you can skip some of the chaos of the Ticketing Portal and purchase directly.

In summer 2022, fans could still find plenty of games but none for Argentina.

Months before the tournament, even Round of 16 and Quarterfinal matches were available for Hospitality.

Here’s a snapshot of proof for the Group Games. Matches highlighted in blue illustrate available games for this one section that fit into a screenshot.

Hotels Available via Official MATCH Hospitality

Not only does the MATCH Hospitality site enable fans to purchase tickets directly, but it also serves as a point of sale for the FIFA-stamped lodging options. If you try to book these hotels directly, you will get sent away.

You pay a premium AND you must still buy a ticket; and those start at $950.

Below is a great example of a small package from Qatar 2022 for 4 nights + tickets to see Ghana vs Uruguary (a match that was sold out on the FIFA ticketing portal) with a hospitality ticket.

The total cost in USD was $2,268.


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