Qatar 2022 to host Fan’s Cup – a 5v5 Tournament for Fans to Compete

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What Is the Fans Cup?

According to the site, it will be a 5v5 tournament for fans of participating countries to compete against one another during the World Cup!

That’s right, organized pick-up w/ organized competition.

Knowing there are many talented players attending as well as former professional players, it will be interested to see if this tournament catches on and how intense the competition actually gets.

One of us is considering to sign up as a free agent and this definitely impacts the contents of our suitcase!

When Exactly is the Fans Cup?

November 29 to December 02

The details also say that the matches of the Fans Cup will be early enough that fans won’t have to worry about missing any of the World Cup matches.

What are the Details?

  • The game play is 5v5
  • Teams are at least 7, no more than 10 players
  • You must be 18 or older
  • You must have accommodations booked for Nov 29 to Dec 02
  • Teams must be made up of players of 1 common nationality – meaning each player must be a resident/citizen of their country they are representing

How do you Register?

Do so at the link provided and scroll to the bottom:

Note: at time of publishing, the bottom of the page wasn’t working (even after accepting cookies like recommended) so not sure if they’ll fix it with a new method or just fix the bottom of the page.

You must also register by October 7th.

Each player must provide Full Names and Match Ticket Reference Numbers.

There’s also an email address of for assistance.

Is there a Prize for Winning?

It appears so! The FAQ section currently says that a prize will be announced once registration is complete for all teams.

What Else?

Well, it’d be really interesting to see Brazil fans against German fans…

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