How to Receive A Physical Hayya Card

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Note: Updated Oct 07 with Hayya Service Center details.


Qatar 2022 announced this week that fans can receive a physical copy of the Hayya Card in addition to having it available in the mobile app. The exact wording was:

Now that you have applied for your digital Hayya Card, whether approved or pending, you have the option to also get a physical Hayya Card (optional). The physical card will provide you with the same services as the digital card.

If you choose to opt for a physical Hayya Card, you can have it shipped to your address. Please log in to My Hayya to make your selection and update your details. Alternatively, you can collect it from a Hayya Service Centre.

Best Regards,

Hayya Support Team

How to Make Request for Physical Card Delivery

Note: As you see below, the last day to supposedly request a physical card was September 30, 2022. You will receive the card digitally and can then grab a physical card once in Doha.

The problem with the email is there’s absolutely zero information on HOW to actually do this.

No worries, here’s what you do in a few easy steps:

  1. Visit My Hayya
  2. Login with your FIFA account or Hayya User/Password
  3. Now you have different paths via Website or Mobile App


  • Click your name in the Top Right and select “My Hayya”
  • In the profile section, you’ll see a drop down for “Action”
  • Select “MyProfile”
  • Scroll down to “Address Information” and there’s a checkbox for receiving a physical card
  • Once selected, you can enter a mailing address

Mobile App

  • Once logged in, you should be able to navigate to your card where it is your profile photo, approval status, etc.
  • At the bottom of this screen, hit “Your Hayya Card”
  • When we tried this, the next page was “Welcome to Qatar” with a countdown and “Apply for Hayya” in the middle.
  • Select “Apply for Hayya”
  • This brought me to my profile photo where an “Action” option
  • Select “MyProfile”
  • Scroll down to “Address Information” and there’s a checkbox for receiving a physical card
  • Once selected, you can enter a mailing address

All set! The below tweet may also be useful:

How to Pick-up A Physical Hayya Card in Doha

Starting Oct 01, it won’t be possible to receive a Hayya Card in the mail.

Do not fret, your Hayya is always always available in the mobile app (see below).

However, if you would like to pick up a Hayya Card or replace a lost one for no fee, you can do so in Doha at the Hayya Service Center!

The service center is located at Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiyah Arena.

How to Get There

The Hayya Service Center at Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiyah Arena is really close to the Al Sudan Metro Stop on the Gold Line.


All Days Except Friday:

  • 10am to 10pm


  • 2p to 10pm

Standard Support

If you need support outside of the Service Center, email or call (+974) 4441 2022.

You can also sign up for a 1 hour webinar that Qatar 2022 is hosting.

Now That You Have a Physical Hayya

Quick checklist once you’ve gotten this far with Qatar 2022:

A Comment on the Hayya Mobile App

Lastly, even with a physical Hayya Card – definitely download the mobile app:

I created a quick video here on some benefits of using it later in the tournament:

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