FIFA Announces “Team Reporters” For 2019 Coverage

FIFA announced earlier this month that they are sanctioning 24 official “Team Reporters” to cover all 24 teams of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. In an unprecedented move, FIFA is smartly promoting the game digitally and not only focusing on the favorites or well-funded programs. All 24 reporters will provide in-depth, behind the scenes views of their respective teams as well as live blog during each match. In all, 13 different languages will be covered. You can find and follow your team on Twitter.

What’s My Take?

This is an incredible move for FIFA and one I wish they had done for the men’s tournament. I’m obsessed with the World Cup and utilize Twitter for all of my soccer news so I personally cannot wait to follow each account. In fact, I may create a page to display the twitter posts of each reporter. FIFA gets a lot of bad press, and rightly so, for the minimal investments made into the women’s game compared to the men, but this is a refreshing contrast.

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