World Cup Every 2 Years!?

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What’s happening now? World Cups every 2 years?

In a move that shocks no one, FIFA is attempting to rewrite the rules (remember the “every continent will rotate hosting” nonsense?), to host the World Cup every 2 years vs. every 4 years.

If you like audio, check out this podcast from USA International, Alexi Lalas who was invited as a “FIFA Legend” to Qatar where details being wined and dined while being pitched the idea.

Podcast Link (minute 8:40 to 35:40 is where Alexi discusses the trip to Qatar and this proposal):

Why would FIFA Legends receive this proposal directly?

Grassroots marketing could be one reason…who are you going to trust more: your favorite player or a FIFA member?

What do the masses think?

Well, FIFA published a survey (and its methodology) where 23,225 people responded in 23 different markets. In other words:

Who is the best person to follow for the latest news on this issue?

We are a fan of Tariq Panja (author and NYT writer) and you can see why if you start at this tweet and then continue reading his timeline.

What do we think?

Call us romantics but every 4 years sounds perfect. Then again, 32 teams seemed perfect, too but we are headed to 48 in 2026! Plus, our checking accounts can’t handle every 2 years!

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