The 2026 World Cup Schedule Reveal

When Will the 2026 World Cup Schedule Be Revealed?

FIFA has announced that they will stream the entire celebration, taking place in Miami, live on FIFA+!

You can find that direct link here to the (what is likely to be an overproduced ordeal that we will all consume regardless 😜) live stream.

FIFA also announced that its broadcasting partners will televise or stream the event. They created a quick reference guide for 18 different regions.

The event is Sunday, February 04 at 15:00 Miami time (ET). If you want a quick and effortless way to set an alarm, you can do set an alarm with our instagram post.

What Will We Learn From the 2026 Schedule Reveal

We will learn the specific dates and host cities for each match of the World Cup – the first World Cup with 104 matches throughout the tournament!

Not only are all 16 hosts wondering their fates, but so are the fans of course.

We will learn which cities will host knockout rounds and of course, the hotly contested final. If you’re curious, we are on the side that believes hosting the match in an indoor venue like Dallas or Atlanta will be better for the game play. Though in our opinion, Atlanta would likely be a better place than Dallas with the public transportation options and activities and restaurants in the immediate vicinity – but it won’t be Atlanta.

Will We Find Out Teams

Those that are new to the World Cup may be surprised to find out that the qualification for 2026 is in its infancy. Outside of USA, Canada & Mexico (i.e. the hosts), no other teams have qualified.

That is, NO – you will not know the teams. We may find out which group each host is in and their cities and days they play (Typically, the Host is in Group A and plays the opening match – side note, this had some drama to it in Qatar – but since there are 3 hosts, we aren’t sure what FIFA has in store here).

The schedule will tell us that FOR EXAMPLE: Team D1 vs Team D4 is in City on Month-Day.

As you can read in our article on estimating the time frame of World Cup 2026 ticket release, the first phase of ticket sales typically takes place BEFORE the draw. This is what makes the draw (typically December the year before the tournament, so guessing Dec 2025) so fun because as the teams are drawn into groups and matchups, you find out what matches from Phase 1 you have tickets to.

What Else Can I Learn From the Schedule

As of February 05, 2024 – we released our 9 Thoughts on the Schedule – who host the most matches, where would a good home base be, what city should we visit for the 4th of July, etc.

As we discuss in our quick planning guide, if you want to attend a World Cup regardless of teams and matches, you can start planning your trip!

You can start planning your home base city and/or the route that you want to travel based on the dates.

It’s also never too late to start planning your savings! If you have’t seen it yet, we detail the costs of a few of our trips to help provide people with an idea of potential costs.

Using Google Flights and Flight Alert tool like Going could be very useful in planning a visit to 2026!

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