How Much Are World Cup Tickets? Historical Prices Since 1994

Trend graph of World Cup Final ticket prices since 1994
Ticket Prices to the World Cup Final since 1994

First, this will be a detailed history post with a purpose to illustrate the rise of ticket costs.

If you want to find information about a specific World Cup and how to acquire those tickets, you should visit our generic post about acquiring World Cup tickets first, which will redirect you to a specific tournament.

If you’re curious about how much money it takes to attend the World Cup overall (flights, lodging, etc) – read our article that details the expenses tracked for multiple tournaments.

The 2026 has NOT released its ticketing information yet; however, you can read about how to prepare for the 2026 World Cup ticket purchases as well as see the estimate of 2026 ticket prices that is pulled directly from the bid submitted by USA / Canada / Mexico teams in 2018.

That said, once 2026 ticket prices are officially published, this page will be updated.

Understanding How World Cup Tickets Are Priced

If you need a more thorough understanding of World Cup tickets, you can read the aforementioned generic review of the process in our “how to buy World Cup tickets” article.

World Cup Ticket Prices by Category

The most recent World Cups are all based on 3 to 4 Categories where:

  • Category 1 = Middle of field
  • Category 2 = Slightly off to the sides
  • Category 3 = Behind the goals
  • Category 4 = sub-section of Category 3 that has recently been dedicated to residents of the host country at a fraction of the cost.
    • Category 4 is NOT represented in the visuals of this article.

FIFA shares the price of matches before a tournament starts and does not consider any 3rd party resale values in this evaluation.

Additionally, you’ll notice that this means that row 1 in a category is the same price as the last row within that category. Read that again, the seats for the last row of the stadium are the exact same price as the seats in the front row of the stadium; within the same category.

There are some key differences in FIFA’s Ticketing policies vs what at least the American market is used to.

World Cup Ticket Prices by Match

In addition to pricing by categories, FIFA will keep a standard price for each type of match.

The breakdowns for this are:

  • Opening Match
  • Group Stages
  • Round of 16
  • Quarterfinals
  • Semi-finals
  • 3rd Place
  • Finals

FIFA’s ticketing policy typically has the pricing of Categories vary by “Round” of the tournament. Because there’s usually a ceremony of sorts involved in the Opening Match, its pricing is higher than the other Group Stage matches. We comment on this in the “Notes” section but it is worth mentioning that in 1994, each host city had its own opening ceremony so each of these initial matches were higher.

Lastly, the 3rd Place match will often times be equivalent to the prices of either the Round of 16 or Quarterfinals.

The market in at least USA may notice the prices do not fluctuate based on teams or city, which is common and even used in Copa America 2024.a

Visual Representation of 1994 to Current Prices

These values are sourced, as best as we can possible tell, from available and trusted parties that posted publicly.

After testing with various audiences, it was easiest to breakdown the costs by Round and Category for each year.

Comments / Notes:

  • 1994
    • The opening match for each stadium was priced slightly higher than remaining Group Stage matches but we didn’t summarize that in the graphs.
  • 1998 & 2002
    • We could not find virtually any data related to the 1998 & 2002 World Cups.
    • Fore this reason, most of the data for 1998 and 2002 is omitted.
    • Send a message if you have any info!
  • 2014
    • We could not find the prices for Category 4 tickets in 2014 and subsequently decided to remove Category 4 from the metrics and visuals for this article since these are only available to residents of the host.
  • 2026
  • The link to our data sources will be included in the Sources section at the bottom.
  • For prices quoted in various currencies, we used the USD as a standard and select a foreign transactional value in June of that year to help.

There are FOUR graphs so swipe left as each stage includes:

  • Ticket Prices w/ years on x-axis at actual price listed in corresponding year
  • Ticket Prices w/ years on x-axis, but adjusted $$$ value to 2022 value b/c of inflation
  • Ticket Prices w/ Categories on x-axis at actual price listed in corresponding year
  • Ticket Prices w/ Categories on x-axis, but adjusted $$$ value to 2022 value b/c of inflation

Opening Match: World Cup Ticket Prices

Group Stages: World Cup Ticket Prices

Round of 16: World Cup Ticket Prices

Quarterfinals: World Cup Ticket Prices

Semi-finals: World Cup Ticket Prices

3rd Place: World Cup Ticket Prices

The Final: World Cup Ticket Prices


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