How to Use FIFA Mobile Tickets for Qatar 2022

Are World Cup Tickets Mobile or Paper?

Sadly, Qatar 2022 will be mobile only. The paper tickets will no longer be a great souvenir (that we know of!).

FIFA’s communication via email makes this very clear:

“All successful ticket applicants who have purchased tickets online at during Sales Phase (1), Sales Phase (2) and Last Minutes Sales phases will have their tickets delivered as mobile tickets. Please note that if you are a holder of tickets for several matches at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, tickets may be delivered to you at different times.

Once the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ mobile ticket application is ready to be downloaded, we will give you all the details to learn your way through it, send tickets to your guests and access the stadium on a match day, among other functionalities. The mobile ticketing application is free to download.

FIFA Ticketing will announce when and how your tickets will be delivered in due course. This information will be communicated at”

Mobile App Details

Fast forward to mid-October and “in due course” has arrived. You can download the mobile app now.

FIFA did release a youtube video on their ticketing mobile app for Qatar 2022.

How Can “Guests” Access Their Tickets

In the FIFA Mobile App, it appears there will be a way to “send ticket” to each guest via email.

Note: We are not bringing guests so if someone wants to record a screen grab on this that is better than the above video, let me know and we can post.

You’ll need to ensure that your guest tickets are assigned, passport numbers and all.

Mobile Experience

Initial Opening

Once you download the app, you’ll need to sign-in with the same FIFA account you used to purchase your tickets (or email address associated to the account that is used as a guest).

For many people, the first image seen caused a minor panic attack b/c this is what was shown. 😱

Don’t worry though…tickets will eventually arrive in the app.

In fact, FIFA finally sent an email of reassurance on October 20! (wtf, FIFA, wtf).

This comedy inspired us to create a reel on instagram.

Here’s what the email says:

  • Download the FIFA Ticketing Mobile App:
    • Then wait…
  • You will NOT receive all your tickets at the same time. It may take several days until you have all your tickets available in your mobile.
  • NOT all customers will receive their tickets at the same time. It may take several days until all ticket purchasers receive their tickets.
  • The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ tickets will arrive to your mobile soon!
    • No further action is required… for now…

So…hallelujah! But can we talk about 1 thing…what the hell is “for now….”?

Even knowing the tickets will appear, it was still exhilarating to to see this message come through on my phone.

Match Day Activation / Use for Entry

Check the image below on “activation” of tickets. It is an image from the email FIFA sends once your ticket is ready to appear in the app.

Combining that email with their help video (above):

  • Tickets will be “activated” at the stadium grounds on match day
  • The activation is when a QR code will appear to be scanned.
  • This is all done via bluetooth so make sure bluetooth is ON for your phone

Do you owe your “guests” their tickets? Read Below.

Now that you have tickets – acquire some World Cup necessities:

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