Introducing A Digital Journal For World Cup Moments & Memories

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Who/What is AC Momento?

We recently stumbled upon an innovative app to memorialize our match attendance and related moments at the World Cup. It’s called Athletic Club Momento (i.e. AC Momento) and as you can tell from the company’s name, the founders have the world’s game in their blood.

One of our favorite aspects of this app is they bring in World Cup matches from all the way back to 1990!

In their own words:

Momento is for sports fans who love going to games. Track attendance, record memories, share with friends.

That said, the app supports virtually all spectator sports but football/soccer was the original focus.

How To Receive Exclusive Access to AC Momento

At time of publication, the app is still in a beta version and not available to the general public.

But – good news!

Readers of this site can receive exclusive beta access to the app via code “worldcupguide”.

Download now:

Access Code: worldcupguide

Keeping Your World Cup Memories Organized

Have you ever wanted to reflect on a specific match or tournament you attended and reminisce on the match details, your experience and/or photos – only to get frustrated that you were digging through multiple apps?

Perhaps you’ve endlessly scrolled through your phone’s photo album for hours and instead of a nice trip down memory lane, you’re frustrated at the time you lost because you never found what you’re looking for?

Well…this app may be for you. Think of it as a scrapbook for:

  • All the stats of the match (score, cards lineups, substitutions, etc)
  • Your own evaluation of the stadium, game play and result
  • Your own notes on the day and/or event
  • Your photos that are relevant to the match

It’s like your own personal journal of sports moments while also integrated with the official match data.

There’s even a social network aspect of it where you can view friends’ experiences (all privacy controlled by users) and potentially even connect with fans that were at the same matches to build your network.

Brilliant, right?

Reliving our World Cup Experiences

We added all of our Qatar 2022, Russia 2018, Brazil 2014 and South Africa 2010 matches we attended (those that read our bio may remember that while we were at Germany 2006, we did not make it into a stadium) and immediately loved the summary that outputted on teams we watched, the number of matches attended, etc!

We look forward to tracking our experiences in real time at World Cup 2023 and beyond with this app and continuing to see the evolution.

One feature we’d love to see is if it could export a default slideshow of sorts to share with friends and families on existing social media sites.

For now, we’ll build our memories and see what happens.

How Did We Discover AC Momento?

We keep an active Twitter account and only follow content that may be useful for World Cup news.

In our endless browsing for information, we stumbled upon this tweet below.

Click into it to read a thread in their own words on what to expect.

Reminder, this was written in summer of 2023 so by time you see this, the beta version (and necessity of our exclusive access code) may be over where the general public now has access.

Notable Partnerships and Exciting Giveaways

AC Momento has extensive partnerships throughout the business and has been known to commission incredible giveaways.

Their original founding is based on digital authentication of match-worn gear and partnering with the biggest in the business. It seems they’ve pivoted to tracking match memories but hope they haven’t fully abandoned the match-worn digital authentication and giveaways.

Need more evidence of their brilliant connections? Check this:

Creators of Daily Trivia Game: Football Grid

In late July 2023, Momento pleasantly surprised the ⚽️ obsessed fans by launching a new, daily trivia game called Football Grid.

It has taken over our Twitter (X?) feed and it brings some joy to our lives.

We’re unsure if this is a new product that will live on for a long time or a way to increase engagement with the core app, but we’re excited about its existence – regardless of how long it exists.

The game is a 3×3 grid with 3 teams on the X and 3 on the Y. You are asked to enter a player that played for both teams.

How to Play


…and follow the instructions.

Our Verdict: The Future of Sports Memories Tracking

We absolutely love the concept and beta implementation and look forward to its evolution.

Can it be better?

Of course it can but aren’t we all striving to improve each day?

The good news is that the app is only in beta and their team has been quick to make improvements. There’s so much potential for us to fully embrace it and encourage others to give it a try and evaluate it yourself.

Is it free?

Well, at time of publication, yes.

However, we imagine that at some point there will be a cost to it. Once that happens, it will be up to you to determine if the overall value is worth the investment.

But for now, give it a try and let us know below if you find it useful or have a better app that you prefer!

Remember, use code worldcupguide for access to the beta version once you download it!

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