What Are Fans Allowed to Bring Into Qatar 2022 Stadiums?

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What Can I Bring Into the 2022 Stadiums?

Oh the questions. No one wants to travel all the way to the World Cup, only to find out their prized possession(s) will be confiscated.

So what do we know…

Fortunately, FIFA has published their Qatar 2022 Stadium Code of Conduct. It is difficult to find so absolutely utilize that link for all the details!

You’ll want to visit Section 3 – Prohibited Items for what you can and cannot carry into stadiums.

We’ll go ahead and summarize a few key points.

Can I Bring A Flag?

Sections 3.1.23 to 3.1.26

As long as the flag, banner or poster is NOT larger than 1.5m x 2m, offensive or political (assuming that is up to the organizers to determine), and made of non-flammable materials, you should be good to go.

Please note that it does say all materials will be inspected by the Event Organisers at the entrance.

What if you want bring something larger than 1.5m x 2m?

You’ll need written permission from Event Organisers ahead of time.

How do you achieve that?

Honestly, not sure – let us know if you’ve done this and we’ll update the article.

Can I Bring a Bag?

Section 3.1.15

A very common question as many of us leave our lodging in the morning and don’t return til late in the day.

Anything that is “large” and cannot fit under the seat will not be allowed.

What does large mean?

Anything where the sum of the Length + Width + Height > 75 cm.


Can I Bring My Camera?

Check Sections 3.1.27 to 3.1.35

It would appear that as long as you aren’t bringing a professional recording device that you can bring your camera to Qatar 2022.

HOWEVER – you cannot bring any type of “mounts”; with examples of tripods, monopods and selfie-sticks given.

Can I Bring Food or Water?

Check Sections 3.1.19 to 3.1.22

In short, no, outside food isn’t permitted with some exceptions for baby needs.

What Else Should I Know?

There’s a lot to read and understand so definitely check out the full Stadium Code of Conduct.

This also discusses fan behavior, weapons, musical instruments, wheelchair tickets, etc. For example – this discusses how being shirtless is prohibited – even if you’re covered in body paint. This may catch some fans off-guard.

Lastly, each stadium will have a “Restricted Items Storage” for free, according to the FIFA Fan Guide.


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