Will Qatar 2022 Stadiums Have Alcohol for Sale?

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Can I Buy A Beer at the World Cup Stadiums in Qatar?

It’s been long rumored that beer WILL be available during matches in Qatar but it has also gone viral, with false information, that Qatar will NOT sell beer at the World Cup.

The Truth About Alcohol In Qatar

First, let’s tackle the truth – Qatar is not a completely dry state. Alcohol is available today at select hotels, locations, etc. Does it flow freely in public locations or at affordable prices? No but that’s very different than “unavailable”.

However, it is in fact illegal to be publicly intoxicated.

World Cup Availability

The rumor that held more truth was that FIFA and Qatar would find common ground for sponsors for Qatar 2022 and include alcohol at the stadiums and FIFA Fan Fest – but with a slight tweak.

Now, according to this Reuters article, there are some details being released from a source close to the action.

What are those details?

Summarizing that article, you can buy an alcoholic beverage:

  • 3 hours before matches at the stadium
  • Up to 1 hour after the matches at the stadium
  • Not during the matches at the stadium
  • Throughout the FIFA Fan Fest
  • As one would find today, at hotels and other locations/restaurants

The price is yet to be determined for match and Fan Fest availability and we can update the article as more details are revealed.

Not Unprecedented – Brazil 2014

While Brazil and Qatar are very, very different cultures for countless reasons, it is easy to forget that Brazil did in fact make alcohol illegal to purchase during stadiums in the early 2000’s.

In fact, FIFA had to get Brazil to amend its own laws to satisfy sponsors to sell beer during the World Cup 2014.

Yes, yes – I am not trying to compare Brazil and Qatar culture – only pointing out that the World Cup in 2014 also had uncertainty about alcohol availability in stadiums (granted, it was never a question outside the stadium walls).

Be Respectful

While fans will rejoice about consuming alcoholic beverages at the stadium, it is important to remain respectful and be mindful of the laws of Qatar.

Do you agree with the laws? Well…I don’t think your personal opinion matters much per their legal system and no one wants to have their World Cup experience soured by poor decisions and judgements.

Hopefully there will be an acceptable middle ground of rambunctious fans and peace & respect.

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