How Close are the Qatar 2022 World Cup Stadiums?

Navigating from Al Khor to Al Janoub while visiting all the other stadiums would only take 2.5 hours by car.

Using the Metro System

If you’re looking for details about using the Qatar Metro System to travel to and from the stadiums, you’ll want to visit our dedicated article on that topic here.

This article details which stadiums are walking distances from the metro stops and which ones require shuttles.

For example, to get to Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, you have to use the Lusail Metro Stop. As you can see in the title image above, that is nearly 40km away. You’ll need to plan accordingly!

Plus the image below helps

Detailing the Stadium Distances

If you’re like us, you’ve been wondering “how close are the stadiums in Qatar to one another?”

We took it upon ourselves to get an image in our mind by starting at the northernmost stadium, Al Khor Stadium and traveling to the southernmost stadium, Al Janoub Stadium. And not just point to point – we mapped out the trip by stopping at all of the other stadiums on the way.

To our astonishment, the entire trip via road would take 2.5 hours to stop at each stadium. In the image above we added some details about the distance.

Honestly, this is all a bit wild considering the Fan Fest in Moscow was over a 30 minute brisk walk after exiting the metro stop. (That said, there will be a few stadiums with shuttle rides from the metro to stadium in Qatar).

We believe the Qatar Rail system will be very helpful in navigating from stadium to stadium and provide another map view for using the Bus System.

That said, we are certainly thrilled to know we can apply to any ticket we want because there will be no limitation in lodging or area that prevents us from attending a match!

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