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Similar to Qatar 2022, the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand will go completely mobile for ticket entry (we are assuming this is true for non-hospitality tickets).

The mobile ticketing app is available to download via this link (QR codes exist for iOS and Android).

As of February 2023, tickets purchased were not linked to the mobile app. Don’t panic because Qatar didn’t show ticket visibility until 2 months before the opening match.

Check this link for the FAQ from FIFA on ticket delivery.

UPDATE: in an email forwarded to us, we are seeing that the tickets won’t be available in the mobile app until June 2023. It could be sooner but that at least provides some expectation and to not worry in the months up until then. In fact, FIFA says all ticket owners will receive an email providing information once the tickets are available.

Good to Know Info

  • The mobile app uses geo-fencing to “activate” your ticket based on your location proximity to the stadium via bluetooth technology.
  • In Qatar, there were problems at the start of the tournament so please give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the stadiums and troubleshooting with the onsite staff.
    • Ideally, the mobile technology was finely tuned and all problems are already addressed.
  • Ticket Application Owners, you’ll have to manually send the tickets to your “guests” once they’re available within the app.
    • You’ll find information in the video we pasted below.
  • Check out this video from FIFA that details the mobile app delivery and use

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