How to Directly Access Cruise Ship Hotels & Fan Villages from Doha Airports

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Wait, there are Two Doha Airports?

That’s right! Ignorance may lead others to be surprised as well. Both are relatively close and only slightly alters routes in and out of Doha downtown.

Why are there 2 being used?

Well, the “old” airport is still in use today for non-commercial use, but with increased traffic for the month, both will be utilized to handle the demand.

Hamad International (commonly referred to as DOH)

  • This has been the commercial hub for Doha travelers since 2014 when it replaced Doha International.
  • Most of the traffic will be routed through Hamad International but there are some airline exceptions.
  • Fun Fact:

Doha International (commonly referred to as DIA)

  • Mainly used in non-World Cup 2022 times for Qatar’s royal family, air force and VIPs.
  • A growing list of airlines will send flights here Starting September 14 through the end of the year:
    • For example: Jazeera Airways, Pegasus Airlines, flydubai, SalamAir
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What Airlines Are Using Doha International (DIA)

As the list seems to have grown, the best link we have found is TimeOutDoha which also provides some valuable information on travel as well.

As noted above, Jazeera Airways, Pegasus Airlines, flydubai, SalamAir were the first reported but others have been added per that TimeOutDoha article.

Direct Airport (DOH & DIA) Access to Downtown Doha, Cruise Terminals + Fan Villages

First, know that both airports will have standard use of Public Bus Routes, taxis, Uber and Careem + car rentals. These are always an option for transportation.

Also, the metro line can be used for both in and out of downtown Doha; however, the stops differ slightly.

That said, both will have standard access to rental cars, public buses, taxis, Uber, Careerm.

Lastly, when we say “Cruise Ship Terminals”, this is would include MSC World Europa, MSC Poesia and the most recently announced accommodation option, MSC Opera.

SOURCE: We pulled this directly from Qatar 2022 Site and highly recommend browsing for latest updates!

Using Hamad International Airport (DOH)

🚇 Metro to Downtown

  • DOH > Downtown
    • Red Line
  • Downtown > DOH
    • Red Line
    • Station = Hamad International Airport

🚐 Direct Shuttles to Cruise Ships & Fan Villages

Note: This was updated Nov 09 as the information was updated from Qatar 2022 site.

Direct Shuttles will operate with a 24 hr service, operating every 15 minutes.

You can take a direct shuttle DOH to Downtown for:

  • Cruise Terminals
  • Barwa Madinatna
  • Barwa Barahat Al Janoub

We did not see anything that said this not a return service from Downtown to DOH.


Using Doha International Airport (DIA)

The differences using DIA are:

  • The metro from DIA to Downtown is the Gold Line
  • There are NO DIRECT SHUTTLES to the Cruise Terminals or Villages

🚇 Metro to Downtown

  • DIA > Downtown
    • Gold Line
  • Downtown > DIA
    • Red Line
    • Station = Hamad International Airport

🚐 Direct Shuttles to Downtown

Direct Shuttles will operate with a 24 hr service, operating every 30 minutes.

This will ONLY be DIA to Downtown (Souq Waqif); as there is NOT a direct Shuttle Downtown to DIA.

Note: There is NOT a direct shuttle to Cruise Terminals or Villages from DIA.

Shuttle Service between Metro & Cruise Terminals / Fan Villages

Again, using the Qatar 2022 Port details, we found the below detail regarding Shuttle Service between Cruise Terminal and (some) Fan Villages. It is unclear if more Fan Villages Shuttle Service will be added but recommend checking Qatar 2022 site.

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