How to Sell & Purchase Qatar 2022 Tickets on Resale Platform

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FIFA Resale Portal is LIVE

That’s right, FIFA has finally launched the resale platform for Qatar 2022!

In order to access it:

  • Sign into the Ticketing Portal as you always would
  • You can then choose to:
    • Resell your own tickets
    • Purchase more tickets that others have put up for Resale

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Can I Sell/Buy Tickets on 3rd Party Site?

Technically, you breach FIFA’s Ticket Terms of Use (e.g. Section 6 of Qatar 2022) which states:

Except as expressly authorised in writing by FIFA, or as permitted by these Terms of Use or the Terms of Sale, Ticket Holders shall not, whether physically or online, offer for sale, sell, offer at auctions, give away or otherwise transfer (“Transfer”) or attempt to Transfer, or engage a third party to facilitate or solicit offers for the Transfer of their Tickets under any circumstances, including any use or attempted use of Tickets for promotions, incentive programs, sweepstakes, contests, giveaways or raffles or as part of hotel, flight,
hospitality or travel packages. Tickets that have been impermissibly Transferred are not valid and may be
cancelled at any time without notice. Tickets may also not be used for any advertising, promotional or other
commercial purposes without FIFA’s express prior written authorisation.

FIFA restricts the Transfer of Tickets for reasons including: (i) Match security; (ii) consumer protection; (iii)
avoidance of counterfeit tickets; and (iv) protection of a fair pricing scheme as described in greater detail on
the Ticketing Website from time to time.

Any actual or attempted Transfer of any Tickets in violation of these Terms of Use may result in civil and
criminal fines and penalties.

How Does Stubhub, Viagogo, etc Work Then?

When you purchase tickets from FIFA, you have a “main applicant” and “guests”. The main applicant can transfer tickets to guests but not their own ticket. So if you see tickets online for sale, you have to trust the seller is in fact the main applicant and that he/she will transfer the tickets.

One thing to note is that tickets do not arrive for transfer until 1-2 months before the event so you won’t have access and peace of mind for a while. Also, tickets are now Mobile Only (see 2022’s article or 2023’s article on how the app works and why you can’t screenshot a barcode).

As an example, if I purchase 3 tickets, I can invite 2 guests. I have to transfer my 2 guest tickets. I can do that with friends/family or post online that I have 2 guest tickets to giveaway and then transfer.

However, I cannot transfer all 3 tickets to others so if I need to allocate the 3 tickets I purchased then I have some options:

Provide my username/password to someone else so they can access the “main applicant” ticket + transfer 2 tickets to “guests”

Put all 3 tickets up for resale on FIFA’s Resale Portal.

Why Use the FIFA Resale Portal?

FIFA does a good job of ensuring tickets are always the consistent price of original sale and limits the unofficial market from price gouging deserving fans. It levels the market, to a degree.

The Resale Portal essentially reimburses you for the tickets you purchase while also ensuring others can attend the match.

Doing so also ensures you are not violating FIFA’s Ticket Terms of Use

Purchasing Resale Tickets

Once you are in the platform, you can easily:

  • View tickets on a match by match basis
  • View a list of ALL matches that have tickets available

See the image below for a quick reference.

Selling Tickets on Resale Portal

It is fairly straight forward:

  • Once in the portal, click into your Name/Account
  • Select “Tickets to Resell”
  • Find your desired match(es)
  • Check the box(es)
  • At the bottom of the screen, “Resell Ticket” option appears – click into that
  • Finish the execution of posting

Are There Fees for Resale Portal Transactions?

Yes, there is. Below is an image of what is shown in FIFA Portal for Qatar 2022.

It says 5% fee per ticket to seller AND buyer is applied.

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