How to Sell & Purchase Qatar 2022 Tickets on Resale Platform

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FIFA Resale Portal is LIVE

That’s right, FIFA has finally launched the resale platform for Qatar 2022!

In order to access it:

  • Sign into the Ticketing Portal as you always would
  • You can then choose to:
    • Resell your own tickets
    • Purchase more tickets that others have put up for Resale

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Purchasing Resale Tickets

Once you are in the platform, you can easily:

  • View tickets on a match by match basis
  • View a list of ALL matches that have tickets available

See the image below for a quick reference.

Selling Tickets on Resale Portal

It is fairly straight forward:

  • Once in the portal, click into your Name/Account
  • Select “Tickets to Resell”
  • Find your desired match(es)
  • Check the box(es)
  • At the bottom of the screen, “Resell Ticket” option appears – click into that
  • Finish the execution of posting

Are There Fees for Resale Portal Transactions?

Yes, there is. Below is an image of what is shown in FIFA Portal for Qatar 2022.

It says 5% fee per ticket to seller AND buyer is applied.

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