Where are the Fan Fests for Qatar 2022?

2014 Fan Fest in Copacabana

Every tournament has Fan Fests spread across the country for everyone to unite around massive screens and celebrate the action. Qatar 2022 will be no different.

Qatar will also have plenty of Fan Entertainment Zones/Activations.

Based on this publication from Qatar 2022 there are 6 official activations:

  1. Official Fan Fest – Al Biddah Park
  2. The Corniche
  3. Lusail Boulevard
  4. 974 Beach Club
  5. Arcadia Spectacular
  6. MDL Beast Presents – ARAVIA

Qatar is also ensuring fans are not short on entertainment. The Fan Villages will have screens and food options plus many cultural events. We are highlighting options below.

We will post updates on where all of the official locations will be as we learn more…for now:

Official Fan Fest

1. Doha @ Al Biddah Park

  • Finished construction in 2018
  • Largest FanFest for 2022
  • Al Bidda Park is almost 1,745,000 square meters
  • Park’s website: https://albiddapark.com/

Source: https://medium.com/dohanews/popular-rumaila-park-to-be-fan-zone-during-qatars-2022-world-cup-3959855e5e5c


Image from https://www.qatar2022.qa/en/transport/getting-to-stadiums


Fan Entertainment Activations

2. Corniche Zone

  • 6 km stretch from the Sheraton Doha Hotel to the Museum of Islamic Art Park
  • Celebration of cultures of World Cup participants; including cultural activities, food & beverage kiosks & shops

Source: https://www.qatarevents.co/events/world-cup-festival-2022-doha-corniche

Link to Tweet Below

3. Lusail Boulevard

  • 1.3 km Boulevard – brand new
  • Street performers, musicians, and live performances
  • Food Vendors
  • Some are calling it “the most beautiful street in Qatar”
  • Closest Metro: Lusail Station (Red Line)

Source: https://www.qatar2022.qa/sites/default/files/documents/lusail-boulevard-en.pdf

4. 974 Beach Club

  • 1.2 km Beach experience (anyone getting flashbacks to 2014 in Copacabana?)
    • Live music, cultural activities, food vendors, water sports
    • Have read “VIP areas” exist including a “VIP Yacht Deck”
  • 15,000 capacity
    • It appears an event ticket may be required
  • Operates daily, except for Stadium 974 match days
    • 10am to 2am
  • Metro: Ras Bu Abboud (Red Line) – shuttles operate to/from

Source: https://www.qatar2022.qa/sites/default/files/documents/974-beach-club-en.pdf

5. Arcadia Spectacular (Music / Dance)

  • This is 1 of 2 music / dance festival options
    • Techno and House music
  • Metro: Ras Bu Fontas (Red Line)
  • 15,000 capacity
    • requires event ticket for entry
  • Per iLoveQatar: Fire-breathing 50-tonne spider from Glastonbury 2022, international artists & DJs, live shows, global & local cuisine

Video of Arcadia at Glatsonburry 2022 (assuming this Fan Experience will be similar):

6. MDLBeast Presents – ARAVIA (Music / Dance)

  • EDM Festival 2 of 2
  • 5,000 capacity
    • Yes, an event ticket will be required
  • Read more about Saudi Arabia founded MDLBeast
  • Metro: Al Wakrah (Red Line)

Source: https://www.iloveqatar.net/events/entertainment/aravia-mdlbeast-music-festival-doha-qatar-2022

Get a taste of MDLBeast sound here:

Other Experiences to Look For

Fan Village @ Qetaifan Island North

Source: https://www.onmanorama.com/travel/travel-news/2022/03/27/qatar-s-qetaifan-island-north-all-set-to-become-fifa-world-cup-f.html

Doha @ West Bay Park

  • Brand New Park that started construction in 2020
  • 1 public beach, 12 private beaches
  • Shuttles available every 12 min from 6am to 9pm via 36 stations
  • 10 mins away from West Bay metro stop

Source: https://www.iloveqatar.net/news/general/west-bay-north-beach-project-launched-entertainment-destination-qatar

Check out this instagram reel as well (not ours).

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