How to Travel in Luxury for Men’s & Women’s World Cups with Roadtrips

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Who is Roadtrips?

Roadtrips Sports Travel is an established leader in providing custom sports travel experiences to the world’s most prestigious and desired events, the World Cup included.

(Other events include the Olympics, Super Bowl, Grand Prix, Wimbledon, etc!)

They’re often the team behind the scenes for many travel agencies across the world but you can contact them directly for custom quotes and pricing.

What can you expect?

As Roadtrips specializes in travel to the world’s most prestigious sporting events, they do not disappoint on the services provided. A personal concierge is provided and you receive top of the line communication throughout your experience.

Read more on what to expect in their own words.

They also produce helpful brochures like this example for Qatar 2022.

Roadtrips Can Curate a World Cup Package for Me?


Like our other spotlight, Generational adidas International, this is an alternative method to the madness.

Remember – they specialize more towards a luxury experience with white-glove service. It is not meant for those looking to couch surf or cram 10 people into a 2-star hotel.

NOTE: if you mention us and/or use WCG22 on a quote request, they’ll give you $250 in hotel credit!

That’s right, if you want a luxury experience to the world’s top sporting event, you can earn yourself a massage, dinner or a long night of drinks at your booked hotel by mentioning our site.

Men’s World Cup 2022 in Qatar

For this tournament, you can:

Qatar 2022 is a very unique tournament with limited availability; that said, Roadtrips still has inventory available throughout the tournament.

Additionally, they can set you up at the same hotel the Netherlands is staying in, the St. Regis Doha – in addition to a couple other options.

Women’s World Cup 2023 in Australia/New Zealand

For this tournament, you can:

These packages have already started to sell!

If you’re considering a trip to Australia/New Zealand in 2023, you should request a custom quote as soon as possible!

Men’s World Cup 2026 in Canada / Mexico / United States

For this tournament, you can:

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