How to Receive Hayya with Me (1+3) Card

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Qatar 2022 announced that there is now an opportunity, called Hayya with Me / Hayya 1 + 3, for international fans to visit Qatar for the World Cup without match tickets.

They have donned this initiative as “Hayya with Me”.

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What is Hayya with Me

In this initiative, 3 people can accompany a ticket applicant to visit Qatar 2022.

The 3 people do NOT need match tickets to enter Qatar.

That means, yes, if you have a ticket to 1 match for yourself, you can now bring your 3 friends with you to Qatar. They can sit in the hotel room, attend the Fan Fest or do whatever their hearts desire to experience the culture of a World Cup. Obviously a Hayya is NOT a match ticket so your + 3 would not be allowed to enter games without their own match ticket.

This could become very useful in the knockout rounds as people potentially book last minute visits to support their teams in person, even if they don’t have a match ticket.

How To Apply for Hayya with Me

There’s two phases of applying for the Hayya with Me program:

  1. Ticket-holder Application
  2. Guest Application

Ticket-Holder Application

Apply for a Hayya Card

We already have documentation on how to do this. Check out that article for details.

Getting Hayya with Me Voucher Code

Once you have your Hayya Card, you’ll want to log into your Hayya account to get a “Voucher Code”.

This code is what your “guests” will use to apply for their Hayya.

  1. Log-in an click “Action” and then “Hayya with Me”
  2. Send your Voucher Code(s) to your Guests

Guest Hayya Applicant

  1. Go to Hayya Portal
  2. Login or Create an Account and then Login
  3. Click Apply for Hayya
  4. In “Applicant Category”, select “Hayya with Me Voucher”
  5. Enter the Voucher Number from Main Applicant and click “Validate my Voucher”
  6. Once validated, follow the steps for submitting an application.

Is there a Fee?

Yes, the guest applicants pay a nonrefundable QAR 500 if they’re aged 12 or above. That is, no fee for under 12.

Applying for a Physical Hayya

Guests can apply for a physical hayya card well.

Details for Physical Hayya can be found at our article.

Check Your Vitals

You’re helping out family or a friend – or – you are that family member or friend and are that much closer to experiencing Qatar 2022 as a group. Here’s a quick reference on simple tips now that you’ve gotten this far with Qatar 2022:

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