How To: Upgrade A Child Ticket to An Adult Ticket for 2023 World Cup

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Child vs Adult Seats

For the 2023 World Cup, FIFA has introduced child and adult tickets. We aren’t sure if this is the first time ever, but it is to our knowledge. It seems from reading through comments and pages, that it may be a more common practice for the host nations than it is throughout the world.

You can read our article that discusses tickets for 2023, pricing, etc but the gist is, a child ticket can be bought at a discount to accompany an adult ticket purchaser. This would be available for 2 – 16 year old children.

If you’re curious how tickets will be assigned for child and adult tickets, see our articles on the mobile app and finding your seat location.

What’s the Problem?

First, do not fret, Read below for the solution.

Well, with every good intention, there’s unintentional consequences. We have read stories of people that have tickets assigned with adults and children separated and more annoyingly inability to resell or purchase child tickets on the resale platform.

To illustrate…you bought a ticket for you and your child to attend a match. You can no longer attend so you list the tickets on the FIFA Resale Platform. Eager fans able to attend the match see your two tickets drop but they only want one adult ticket so that is purchased. Now, the situation exists where only the child ticket is available.

Because of this, you’ll find situations like the Finals in Sydney only having child tickets available. There’s hoards of fans that want to attend but a child ticket cannot be purchased without an adult ticket to the same match being purchased. Even if you already have 1 adult ticket to a match purchased from a previous ticket request, you cannot buy a single child ticket (we have tried).

tickets to the world cup finals
tickets to the World Cup Final
June 2023 Visual: Only Child Tickets Available for Purchase to 2023 World Cup Finals

Is there a Secret / Hack to Buying a Child Ticket And Upgrading It to Adult

Actually, yes and it gets a little involved.

You must find an Adult ticket to any match at the same Stadium and same Category and add it to your cart and purchase in conjunction with the Child ticket.

Again, you cannot purchase the Child ticket separately without an Adult ticket. However, if you find an Adult ticket to a different match in the same Stadium and Same Category as that Child, the purchase will go through (until FIFA realizes there’s a hole in the logic of their system).

Now you have an Adult + Child ticket.

Once you have the Child ticket to the match you want, see below for how to upgrade it to an Adult.

In this instance, if you upgraded after purchasing on the resale portal, you’d then have 2 adult tickets and can post 1 for resale.

How Can I Upgrade The Child Ticket to Adult Ticket?

According to the Ticket Resale Policy (that is linked so you can read the entire documentation from FIFA)…

YES, you can!

UPDATE: You can now find “Exchange Tickets” in your FIFA Ticket Portal if you are in possession of a child ticket. Then follow the steps from there.

Alternative Way:

Highlighting Sections 4.2 and 4.3 (see below) – contact to upgrade the child ticket into an adult ticket, where you will of course have to pay the difference in ticket price.

Sections 4.2 and 4.3 state:

4.2 The Original Ticket Purchaser may submit any number of Tickets to the Resale Platform
intended for Guests whilst retaining Tickets for their own use. If the Original Ticket
Purchaser wishes to submit their own Ticket to the Resale Platform, they must submit all
FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™ General Public Ticket Resale Policy 3
other Tickets purchased by them for the same Match. In accordance with the GP Terms of
Sale, Guests are not permitted to attend any Matches without the Original Ticket
Purchaser. In the case that not all Tickets for a given Match are successfully resold on the
Resale Platform, the Original Ticket Purchaser shall still be required to attend the Match.

4.3. In accordance with the Terms of Use, each children’s Ticket must be utilized with an
accompanying adult Ticket. Therefore, without prejudice to Clause 4.2 above, if the Original
Ticket Purchaser purchased one or several children’s Tickets and wishes to submit all their
adults Tickets to the Resale Platform, they must also submit all children’s Tickets
purchased by them for the same Match. In the event that all adult Tickets are sold but the
children’s Ticket(s) remain unsold, the Original Ticket Purchaser must, in order to use such
Tickets, contact the customer care service promptly and sufficiently in advance of the
Match at to upgrade the children’s
Ticket(s) into adult Ticket(s) (including making all necessary payments for such upgrade).
FIFA AUS/NZL and FIFA shall bear no responsibility if a children’s Ticket cannot be utilized
(including because the accompanying adult Ticket has been resold).

Can I Upgrade A Child Ticket From Resale Portal?

So if you purchased an adult and child ticket in the resale portal and want to upgrade the child ticket to adult (so you would have 2 adults vs 1 adult + 1 child) then yes, this is all still valid.

Do I have to Upgrade My Child Ticket If I Am Reselling?

Well…it doesn’t specifically state that you have to. Perhaps you may intend to resell the tickets, upgrade them and then realize you can attend.

However, it feels the best practice overall here to guarantee you resell your child seats (and for the sanity of all fans around the world) though is to upgrade the child seats if you plan to resell to list all your tickets as adult. This especially rings true if you are listing tickets for resell to a very in demand match, like the finals.

Will FIFA really let seats go empty and unsold?

The optics of this don’t seem possible, though, technically, the tickets were originally sold and the official statement on tickets sold will be true; however, our guess (or more accurately, hope) is these will be upgraded to adult tickets the day of the match.

Have You Successfully Upgraded Your Child Ticket to Adult Ticket?

Comment below with your experience and any other tips to help others and we can adjust the article if the actual steps vary from what’s in the Ticket Resale Policy.

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