Updated October 26: What Are the COVID Entry Requirements & Masking Policies for Qatar 2022?

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Official COVID Policy

The most important thing to remember here is COVID-19 requirements are quite fluid and the link below will always be the most up to date information.

The official policies for the World Cup in Qatar have changed multiple times with only months before the tournament so PLEASE READ the official Ministry of Public Health site👇:


What Are the Basic Requirements

Trying to ensure this article doesn’t stay out of date per link above – it seems like you’ll want to do the following:

Documentation Requirements

  • Passport – 6 months prior to expiration, Minimum of 2 blank pages
  • Visa – Everyone, and we mean everyone, needs a Hay’ya Card which serves as a visa for the World Cup to enter Qatar.

COVID Testing Requirements

Updating per news traveling on October 26th, there are NO TESTS required for entry into Qatar starting November 1, 2022.

❌ No PCR Test

❌ No Rapid Test

❌ No Quarantine (unless you test positive upon arrival)

❌ Vaccination is NOT required

Important Regulations Within Qatar


Pay attention as this may surprise some people whose countries have lifted masking requirements…

🚨 Masks are required on public transport. This includes the metro system that everyone will be using to navigate around Doha and to/from stadiums.

Per ILQLive, on October 23, masks will NOT be required on public transportation (but may still be required to enter government buildings).

Ehteraz Mobile App

Ok – it is somehwat unclear based on the updated news on October 26th if the Ehteraz App is still required for your phone at all but it seems like it is NOT. Check this update and link:

Selfishly not wanting to delete the content below in case there’s viral misinterpretation going around, the old information is below and crossed out to signal it’s current state of invalidity.


It seems visitors 18 and older must download and use the Ehteraz mobile app.

Ehteraz is the official contact tracing application for the State of Qatar and is operated by the Ministry of Public Health.

I also found this post from ILoveQatar to be quite useful:

We even read a comment that: A green Ehteraz signal (showing the user does not have a confirmed case of COVID-19) is required to enter any public closed indoor spaces.

  1. UPDATE: This used to say pre-register BUT this clause was added and now copying and pasting from that site (highlighting why we are hesitant to go into too much detail) “FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 visitors who hold Hayya Cards are excluded from the pre-entry online registration requirement on Ehteraz website.
  2. Download the Ehteraz Mobile App
  3. GCC nationals and residents must
    • Download the Ehteraz mobile app
    • Activate it on their mobile phones using a local or international SIM card.
    • Note: GCC nationals and residents are excluded from the pre-entry online registration.
  4. It seems visitors are obligated to:
    • Download the Ehteraz mobile app
    • Activate it on their mobile phones using a local or international SIM card.
    • Register in the pre-entry online registration system through the website (www.ehteraz.gov.qa) at least three (3) days before arrival.
    • Upload necessary documentation, including certificates of COVID-19 vaccination or recovery.

Want to research more or cross-reference information?

We felt this article summarized the information quite well, too.

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