What Mobile Apps Are Helpful for Qatar 2022?

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Helpful Apps for Download at Qatar 2022

It’s information overload lately and you may be thinking “it sure would be nice to consolidate all this advice floating around for apps”. Well, that’s what this article is. Once you grab your favorite kit and pack your bags, it’s time to digitally pack by downloading a few applications.

It isn’t pretty but keeping it as functional as possible.

Local Expertise

To ensure we aren’t missing any local insight, we connected again with Mariela, of @tour_guide_qatar and our previous post about what to wear/how to dress while visiting the World Cup.

She made her own post on instagram on this topic and we decided to collaborate and combine insight of tourist coming to Qatar 2022 and local Qatari expert.

FIFA / World Cup Specific

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way – your match tickets & Hayya!

  • FIFA Mobile Ticket
    • Download: iOS / Android
    • Here you have all your digital tickets and you can transfer your guests’ tickets
  • Hayya
    • Not only is it mandatory as your visa for Qatar but also very useful.
    • This app has A LOT of functionality (or at least attempted functionality) hence, why you see it in Transportation & Entertainment / Activities below.
  • Ehteraz
    • Download: iOS / Android
    • Qatar announced it is no longer mandatory to show this app to access locations in Qatar – except hospitals – check out updated article here on COVID requirements
    • You need to activate this application in Qatar (it doesn’t work outside the country) and you will only need it if they have to go to a health center.


You’ll recognize a lot of these from our transportation article.

Entertainment / Activities

  • Qatar365 (reader suggestion, thanks Estefania!)
    • Download: iOS / Android
    • QATAR 365 brings you all the information and curated experiences for your stay in Qatar.
  • Qatar Events
    • Download: iOS / Android
    • A great source for events around Qatar.
  • Qatar Creates / OnePass
    • Website: https://www.qacreates.com
      • Couldn’t find an app but imagine you’ll want the OnePass available on phone
    • You’ll want to check out the OnePass!
      • It provides you access to all museums, exhibitions & cultural activities for one price at 3 different options:
        • Silver (QAR 199), Gold (QAR 399), Platinum (QAR 499)
  • Hayya
    • Hayya lists many options related to FIFA activities but also museums, entertainment, etc.

Delivery Service

  • Talabat
    • Download: iOS / Android
    • Best for ordering food in restaurants and some supermarkets, ordering medicines in pharmacies and also shopping in some stores.
    • There are other delivery apps in Qatar but this is the most well-known.

Communication / Privacy

Ok – why are we listing this here?

Well…Qatar’s internet, while very fast and reliable, it may provide its challenges. ILoveQatar posted about this, check it out. Need another source? Check Doha News.

Once you’re convinced, see below.

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