Are Qatar 2022 Lodging Options Really Sold Out?

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Nov 2022, UPDATE:

The short answer is NO, the accommodations are NOT sold out in the sense that there will be more options added, but the specific dates and properties are unknown at the time of writing.

Alternate Options

If you are struggling to find accommodations via the Qatar2022 portal, you can always use one of these avenues as well.

New Options

It was announced in October that Qatar now allows fans to book accommodations directly with the hotels! This has opened up availability across the board.

An even newer development:

Thinking Outside the Box

  • Generation adidas International
    • Details:
      • 10 nights in an apartment w/ 24/7 onsite support
      • Tickets to all 3 of England matches
      • Optional coaching education w/ former World Cup coaching staff already included
      • Experiences start at $5,300
    • Special Note
      • Mention The World Cup Guide & get prioritized during high demand
  • Roadtrips
    • Details:
      • a luxury accommodations vendor that has access to the St. Regis, Millenium and Dusit
      • Roadtrips offers a white-glove service and handles experiences for members of media, federations, etc
    • Special Note:
      • Use code WCG22 and/or mention us when requesting a quote and they’ll grant you $250 in hotel credit for a nice dinner, massage or late night of drinking.

Standard Alternatives

Qatar 2022 Accommodations Site Tips

You can check out 5 Tips on Navigating the site as well.

We also posted a great tip on Instagram:

In fact, a message received by the official Qatar 2022 site (on June 07, 2022) informs us:

“please be informed that we expect to have some more at some point but unfortunately, we do not have any certain dates or list of properties which will be added in the future.”

This seems to also be supported by the Sept 21 article posted by Cruise Industry News and tweeted out by ILoveQatar that a 3rd ship from MSC will be berthed in Doha.

That said, it is our opinion that due to so much uncertainty and lack of transparency, if you find something that suits your budget, location and dates, why not book it when you see it so you’re at ease that you have a place to stay in Qatar.

In June 2022, previously “Sold Out” lodging was now appearing again (e.g. Cruise Lines) for specific dates and number of guests AND new accommodations for “Holiday Homes” started to pop up.

As the above article states, check the site often, don’t give up hope and best of luck!

Feel free to post any success stories, like this one below or to our Twitter account (@World_Cup_Guide).

Additional Comments

What’s incredibly unique this year is all accommodation will need to go through the official portal. As we’ve stated previously on Twitter, more options are currently being built and we’ll learn more as the tournament gets closer.

Additionally – we know that Qatar will allow citizens and residents to host friends and family. I imagine this will open up the market – just make sure you are officially registered.

ILoveQatar also posted this video summarizing all options but it isn’t all that helpful for the limited availability. HOWEVER, they do state that options are popping up each week so there’s always hope.

Lastly – we’ve stumbled into a great World Cup expert and recommend checking out their channel.

We’ve posted their video on Qatar 2022 lodging below.

Booking Accommodations Details

What Accommodation is on Qatar 2022 Site?

Well, you can visit the site yourself but for the lazy and/or totally engrossed reader, this site will allow you too book accommodations in the following types:

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