A New Qatar Package for 2022: Accommodation, 3 Matches, Coaching Education

Photo from Next Generation International / Generation Adidas International website

Next Generation International (formerly Generation adidas International) & United Soccer Coaches Create Unique Package Option for 2022

Add another World Cup package to the mix of already mentioned hospitality packages and options!

Here’s what we found:

Through its partnerships with the world’s top professional soccer teams, national federations, and global brand adidas (yes, that one), world renowned international soccer experience provider Next Generation International, powered by inspire sport, partnered with the largest soccer coach organization in the world, United Soccer Coaches, to provide a unique World Cup experience in Qatar!

While the program does offer the opportunity to observe and discuss premier coaching education content, it is not a requirement for participation in the package.

You can visit their homepage directly and/or read below for our summary.

Is It Legit

Next Generation International (formerly known as Generation adidas International) is known for being the travel & experience arm for adidas affiliated youth clubs and professional teams and has a long history of success.

They’re powered by inspiresport, the “UK’s number one development tour operator”, which is a brand under the larger Destination Sport Group, “the global standard in sports travel”.

Manchester United actually recently posted an article on their homepage about a partnership w/ inspiresport & next generation international + UK-based sister company Sportsbreaks.com (who is also under Destination Sport Group).

Manchester United article can be found here: https://www.manutd.com/en/news/detail/sportsbreaks-extend-partnership-into-north-america-and-canada

Why You Should Care:

Honestly, for anyone out there considering a last minute World Cup trip or struggling to piece together a plan (because we all know lodging is tough), this package provides you with a way to get Nov 19th to 30th apartment and 3 match tickets + a 24/7 onsite support staff at a very affordable price.

The package is English-speaking only so may resonate more with residents of Canada, Australia, USA, England, etc but it’s really up to you if you find this package & experience attractive.

If you’re a coach or interested in that aspect of the sport, you also have access to exclusive content with former USMNT World Cup Staff; however, it is only optional.

Sign Up

You don’t need to read any additional details and are ready to move?

or email: customerservice@generationadidasinternational.com

Note: we saw there IS a $1,000 deposit at time of registration.

Highlights of the program includes (but keep reading below for more details!):

    • 3 Guaranteed Official Match Tickets, Category 1 Level
      • Nov 21, England vs Iran
      • Nov 25, England vs USA
      • Nov 29, England vs Wales
      • Their program says additional matches may become available
    • 3 star rated
    • Nov 19th to 30th apartment in Al Sadd neighborhood
      • There’s no specifics on which Al Sadd apartment but you can look at potential options by going here and searching for “Al Sadd” and then filtering for “Apartments” and 3 stars.
      • 2 bedroom, 2 baths
        • Each bedroom has 2 beds and its own bath
      • Single & Double occupancy possible
    • Walking distance to public transportation, cafes, restaurants and shops
    • Hayya Card (i.e. visa) submission
    • 24/7 Onsite Staff:
      • Local resident expert
      • Generation adidas International Leadership staff on the trip + full support for you leading up to, during and post trip
      • United Soccer Coaches National Staff will be on the trip
    • Coach Education led by United Soccer Coaches Director of Coach Education & former World Cup Staff of US National Team
    • Match Watch Parties
    • Cultural activities

Previous Experiences at the World Cup

Next Generation International (formerly known as Generation adidas international) executed a successful France 2019 Youth Team & Coach Education Package for the Women’s 2019 edition in France and is said to have contracts in place for the 2023 edition New Zealand and Australia.

This will be the first of many packages for the Men’s tournaments.

Images from the 2019 France Experience can be found on Next Generation International’s instagram account and one example snapshot we found from that trip is below.

What’s Included

Summarizing their site…

Pricing includes apartment style housing for all 10 nights, tickets to ALL THREE England matches (potentially more for an additional cost for those interested), world class coach education throughout the trip led by United Soccer Coaches Director of Coach Education, Vince Ganzberg, and former U.S. National Team Assistant Coach, Ralph Perez, cultural activities, World Cup Watch Parties, 24/7 onsite support and much more. 


Everyone wants to know – how much does this cost?

It’s not the cheapest way to attend a World Cup BUT it isn’t completely reserved for the ultra wealthy like other packages and experiences.

Based on requests and inquiries sent to us throughout 2022, this seems to fall in the middle:

  • Double Occupancy Room – $5,395
  • Single Occupancy Room – $8,795

As noted above, each apartment is 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and each bedroom has 2 beds. This means apartments can occupy between 2 to 4 people.

Price INCLUDES everything above (matches, nights, optional coach education, etc).

Meals, airfare, incidentals etc are not included.

How to Sign Up

Note: there IS a $1,000 deposit at time of registration.

Have questions?

It appears the email for support is customerservice@NextGenerationInternational.com

Itinerary Details

The package covers accommodation for Nov 19 to Nov 30.

Aforementioned matches occur on Nov 21, Nov 25, Nov 29.

It’s best if you look at their online itinerary yourselves.

Who Are Generation adidas International & United Soccer Coaches?

We went ahead and pulled the “About Me” part from their site to save you some trouble…

Next Generation International (formerly known as Generation adidas International)

Next Generation International, powered by inspiresport, offers world class experiences to the biggest brands and events in the world. Designed to develop skills and inspire confidence, our bespoke development programs for Youth Clubs, High Schools and Colleges offer exclusive access to pro clubs, academies, stadiums, world class training facilities, tickets to games, outstanding competition and a truly unique experience.

With 20+ years of experience delivering high quality experiences, we are advised by some of the world’s top academy directors, our expertise in soccer and travel logistics will ensure a smooth trip. The quality and credentialing standards we maintain provide parents and coaches with the necessary assurances of safety and that you will be well cared for while overseas. We are proud and excited that you have chosen us and our hope is that every player, coach, and parent that participates in one of our unique trips will have a positive, life-changing experience.

United Soccer Coaches

United Soccer Coaches has grown from its humble beginnings in 1941 from 80 members to over 30,000 strong. Our Coaches touch the game of soccer at every level and work with both genders makes United Soccer Coaches unique on the American sporting landscape. The intial goals of the organization, set in 1941, still define its purpose in its seventh decade. These goals are to promote the game of soccer, generate greater publicity for the sport, and to improve teaching of the game through soccer clinics as well as research and evaluation of coaching of the sport. From these initial goals, United Soccer Coaches has developed programs that establish it as a leader on the soccer landscape. Its coaching education program is considered among the finest in the world, and is one we are proud and excited to offer through our partnership.

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