How to Stay w/ Friends & Families at Qatar 2022

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Updated: November, 2022

This option was only valid until November 01, 2022.

For more information check:

What’s the Deal?

Lodging in Qatar 2022 is certainly…unique for this edition of the World Cup. Our site is to try and attempt on helping you navigate this uniqueness. Let’s recap what we know:

  • In order to apply for a Hayya Card, you need a ticket
  • In order to receive final confirmation of a Hayya Card, you need your lodging registered
  • Lodging can be made through:
  • We know the country is undergoing serious construction and more room availability will appear…but not necessarily when, where or what price.

All this has led to many asking “Can we stay with someone we know”

Of course, this is really asking:

  • Can I stay with a family member or friend that lives in Qatar?
  • What if I use Airbnb?
  • What if my best friend’s cousin’s best friend, whose classmate from primary school has an ex-girlfriend whose former business colleague’s nephew recently moved to Qatar and is willing to let me crash on the floor?

The news about essentially couch surfing has been limited. We have only seen news stating that if you’re staying solo with someone that the host would need to register your stay..and news was “pending” on how to do so – until now.

What Your Host Needs to Do

If you go this route, direct your host to (or if you’re a host, visit):

…where this type of stay is known as “Alternative Accommodation”.

Important tidbits to know:

  • As the traveling fan:
    • Your host must register you AND their accommodations through the portal
    • Once this is done, the validation will happen automatically
    • This is mandatory for your Hayya Card approval
  • As the Qatari Host:
    • You must register your accommodation and guest through the portal
    • This step is mandatory for your guest(s) Hayya Card application
  • The Qatari Host will have to:
    • Validate their QID via SMS to the Mobile Number per the National Address
    • Be over 18 years old
    • Register their address which requires uploading a copy of the deed

And lastly – this :

  • Note: The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, all of its affiliated entities, officers, agents and representatives will have no liability or responsibility for any issues or claims arising in connection with your alternative accommodation arrangements or your use of any property as an alternative accommodation.

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